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If you like one of my paintings, you can send me a photo and I 'll be happy to Photoshop some paintings into your own space, so you can get an idea what something is going to look like for free.


I’m here to help you make the right decision about buying one of my Fantasy Art!

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Vraganiotika 48, Corfu 49080

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Spiros Gelekas Art Design, Vraganiotika 48

Corfu 49080, Greece

Βραγκανιώτικα 48, Κέρκυρα, 49080 Ελλάδα

Mobile: (+30) 6956628186



Ⓡ The Spiros Gelekas Art Design logo and Fantasy Art for Fantastic people quote are registered trademarks

Spiros Gelekas, is a professional artist specializing in fantasy art. Exclusively represented in China by Mo2art (micro-oxygenated art).

Exclusively represent in Europe by himself.

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