Check out the latest paintings of Middle-Earth and more Fantasy Art. Make sure to come back soon, as I keep updating the gallery.

There’s something about owning an original artwork that’s not easily put into words but only when you see it on your wall. When you buy my fantasy art,  you are the only person in the world who will ever have it.  They will not be similar artworks or replicated.

All of my artworks are acrylic paints on wrapped stretched canvas and each one is hand signed and authenticated by serial number on the reverse and come with certification with your name printed.  

Need  some help?


Drop me a line at any time and let me give you some impartial advice

Here are some samples from my Fantasy Themes. Click on the image to enlarge.

Spiros Gelekas Art Design, Vraganiotika 48

Corfu 49080, Greece

Βραγκανιώτικα 48, Κέρκυρα, 49080 Ελλάδα

Mobile: (+30) 6956628186



Ⓡ The Spiros Gelekas Art Design logo and Fantasy Art for Fantastic people quote are registered trademarks

Spiros Gelekas, is a professional artist specializing in fantasy art. Exclusively represented in China by Mo2art (micro-oxygenated art).

Exclusively represent in Europe by himself.

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