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The message that changed my life

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 25 Μαΐ 2020

It was July 2017, three days after my birthday. I got a message on Instagram. I remember it was still morning. I was asked if I was interested in presenting my work in the Chinese market.

I thought it was a misleading message, from those who continue to send from time to time. On the other hand, I laughed to myself, because six months had not passed since my first exhibition. Who am I that I will suddenly go to Asia, I thought. And if was true, they will ask for my CV and it was empty until then, except for two competitions I had won. With very calm I answered positively, and asked for their statute and what collaborations they have made so far.

To my great surprise that I requested it came to my email the next day. The name of the company: Mo2art. I saw a pure photographic material from exhibitions throughout Asia, along with international artists and big names, such as Picasso.

I had been fooling around for a while and I was thinking, from all over the world, to choose me?

I started asking other questions, we exchanged a lot of emails, we made some appointments through a Skype and then the contract came. With the help of a lawyer, we studied the contract and the terms and decided on this new partnership. The contract was for three years with the prospect of renewal.

Several exhibitions followed in 2018 next to Dali and Picasso, but we will talk separately about each of them in the next blog. The team had selected 23 fantasy paintings from my first exhibition which I tried to pack together and tried to not exceed the heavy shipping limits. The package arrived safe and then we make some preparations for my first ever participation beyond Greece.

Since then, except of partners, we became good friends with a truly trust of each other. The contract updated and we are looking forward for our next co operations. Honestly, this is the best team I ever worked with. Very professionals, very organized in everything, a lot of respect for each other, but most important we are family. I couldn't ask for more. This is the best team in the world.

MO2art focuses on the marketing promotion and operation of international artists’ works. Standing in artists’ positions, we aim to help them enjoy greater popularity and enhance their comprehensive competitiveness in the market, so that the artists are able to devote to art creation.

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